Posted by Admin - October 26th, 2013

Chuck Leaver first began working at a company called DA/EE as an entry level employee. Through his hard work and consistency, he rose through the ranks of the company and would eventually assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. Since starting at DA/EE, Chuck Leaver has accumulated more than thirty years of experience in the high tech industry. Chuck Leaver was also a partner at a venture capital firm in Austin, Texas, before joining the team at Ziften. He served as the Chairman of the Board before becoming Chief Executive Officer at Ziften, a role he still occupies.

Posted by Admin - September 20th, 2013

Chuck Leaver is not a newcomer to the business world. He is a veteran entrepreneur who has been involved in various forms in the high tech industry for over three decades. He got his start in the industry in 1982 and has been involved in high tech, mobile, and media for years. Chuck Leaver is today the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of Ziften. This is a company that provides access to high tech software solutions that are high in quality and reasonable in cost. Chuck Leaver is also the former Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ziften.

Posted by Admin - August 27th, 2013

Chuck Leaver is an exceptional businessman with a track record of success. He is an entrepreneur who believes in commitment, hard work, and innovation. He has, over the course of his career, shown that he can push technological entrepreneurship further than it has gone before and he has done so consistently. He wants to help consumers to receive better products at lower prices. Additionally, Chuck Leaver has international business experience, having contributed to projects in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Chuck Leaver is today the CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, of a company that provides high tech software solutions. He also previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for that company—Ziften. Chuck Leaver had previously served as a Partner at a venture capital firm. This firm, based out of Austin, Texas, was called Trellis Partners. Chuck Leaver has roughly three decades of experience in the business world, including working in senior executive or advisor roles for various companies in the high tech, media, and mobile industries.